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KillerbeatDill 10/06 06:02pm : It is that time once again, Wicked Loon Radio!!!
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:51pm : howdy howdy
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:52pm : Hey Elysa! *hugs*
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:53pm : How are you?
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:53pm : *hugs* hey! how are you?
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:53pm : i'm doing good, tired, but good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:53pm : I am good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:54pm : I seen we are both playing a Castle Black song
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:54pm : and basic bitches
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:55pm : naomi tagged me about it on instagram haha
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:55pm : Which one's are you gonna play?
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:57pm : my body my choice
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:57pm : and rise
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:58pm : Well, my body my choice is getting 2 plays tonight
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:59pm : I played Blind Curtain
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:59pm : by CB
Matt_CB 11/03 06:59pm : Hello, this is Matt from Castle Black
Matt_CB 11/03 07:00pm : Thanks for playing us!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:00pm : Hi Matt
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:01pm : hey matt!
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:02pm : any time! thanks for always supporting the show and being part of it, and of course making great music :)
Matt_CB 11/03 07:02pm : We LOVE Grrrl Power Hour
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:03pm : I have listened to Trapped Under All You Know about 50 times
Matt_CB 11/03 07:04pm : I think this our first time on Wicked Loon. Thanks a lot
Matt_CB 11/03 07:04pm : Really that's awesome!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:04pm : It was, and you are welcome
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:04pm : Wicked Loon is great too! Dillon and i swap bands :)
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:04pm : Yes we do
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:05pm : oof i need to boost the volume i always forget, alright, everyone turn up your volume! :D
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:05pm : Too late
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:06pm : I'm half deaf I keep it so loud
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:06pm : *thumbs up*
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:06pm : no diggy tonight?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:06pm : Ahh, I love JOJ
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:06pm : and no
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:07pm : He's probably working on writing songs or something
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:07pm : yeah....i've loved them for...a million years? lol but yeah, jessicka's story really hit me
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:07pm : yeah he's always busy with something that guy heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:08pm : and they already retweeted my tweet about the song being on, they're the best
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:10pm : I have actually communicated with them on twitter before
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:10pm : I should reach out for an interview
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:10pm : yeah the best
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:12pm : I am behind on writing interview questions
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:12pm : i'm pissed about any dollar or emotion i ever put towards MM growing up
Matt_CB 11/03 07:12pm : Lady Biz! We see Kate at our rehearsal building sometimes
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:12pm : yessss, another person who is the best! haha
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:13pm : NYC is so big yet so small
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:14pm : sorry i didn't get to meet you when CB played at SI pridefest, matt
Matt_CB 11/03 07:14pm : The music scene is TINY it seems.
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:14pm : I love Naomi's voice on this
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:14pm : Hell, on everything
Matt_CB 11/03 07:15pm : Yeah I had to leave for a while to take care of personal business, but I'm back for good
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:15pm : ah, glad to hear you were able to jump back in :)
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:15pm : yes, naomi, another awesome person, i just know a lot of em hah , super super talented
Matt_CB 11/03 07:15pm : Me too I missed it
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:16pm : Damn, I need to move to NY, I love the scene so much
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:17pm : music scene is small but so many talented bands. through doing the show i've found sooo man bands in NYC and the UK, it's pretty amazing....lots of bands from other places, and i'm sure being in NYC makes it easier for me to find those bands, but so much going on
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:18pm : It's so hard to keep up
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:21pm : Who is this?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:21pm : show so far: Jack Off Jill – Star No Star Lady Bizness – Dolla Billz ( Basic B-tches – My Body My Choice ( ARXX – Masters ( Jigsaw Youth – Hawaii’s Nice This Time of Year (
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:22pm : Ah, Jigsaw Youth
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:22pm : yeah
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:22pm : they write some pretty good songs
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:23pm : I'll be dissecting your playlist later anyways
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:23pm : And I hear that
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:24pm : Mmm
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:24pm : I love this song so much
Matt_CB 11/03 07:24pm : Sounds familiar
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:24pm : hmm...
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:25pm : nope, can't figure out why
Matt_CB 11/03 07:25pm : Can't quite place it though
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:25pm : lol
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:25pm : hey matt, where does your band name come from?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:26pm : Hey, don't steal my interview questions :P
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:26pm : i have a reason for asking, sorry! haha
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:26pm : lol
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:26pm : I'm kidding
Matt_CB 11/03 07:27pm : LOL, Game of Thrones reference. When Leigh was reading the books she thought it would be a good band name
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:27pm : ah that explains everything
Matt_CB 11/03 07:27pm : Before the TV show
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:27pm : CB is being interviewed as soon as I send the questions
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:27pm : lol
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:27pm : so i don't watch game of thrones, and i have not read it, but every time i wear your shirt out people start talking to me about game of thrones, and i'm just like...ummm sure?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:29pm : Where do I get a shirt? Can I buy one online?
Matt_CB 11/03 07:29pm : Yeah we get that a lot. After the TV show came out "Castle Black" is more well known as a refernce
Matt_CB 11/03 07:29pm : We sell them from our bandcamp now
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:29pm : Sweet
Matt_CB 11/03 07:29pm : Where are you based?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:29pm : i'm just like...yeah, it's just this band i like
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:30pm : i hav no idea what you're trying to talk to me about
Matt_CB 11/03 07:30pm : Thanks for wearing the shirt out!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:30pm : Free advertising
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:31pm : This
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:31pm : lol yeahhh
Matt_CB 11/03 07:31pm : Who is this? It's awesome
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:31pm : Fun
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:32pm : It's fun
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:32pm : Hmm...I dig this
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:32pm : that was Art Trip & the Static Sound
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:32pm : this is Duck
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:32pm : This one is more my style
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:33pm : Castle Black – Rise ( Art Trip and the Static Sound – Feminine Hygiene Spray ( Duck – Stereo (
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:33pm : yeah i actually thought of you when i heard this
Matt_CB 11/03 07:33pm : This is good too
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:33pm : Really?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:33pm : yeah
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:34pm : reminded me of other stuff i've heard you play
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:34pm : yea
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:34pm : I play a huge variety
Matt_CB 11/03 07:35pm : Thats a sick riff
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:35pm : I agree
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:36pm : yeah jenn and i were just sitting here talking about the turns of the song heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:36pm : really a good one
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:37pm : I might be firing up my gothic radio show back up
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:38pm : I miss doing it
Matt_CB 11/03 07:38pm : Where do you broadcast from Elysa?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:39pm : i'm in NYC (staten island - hence why i was helping with the entertainment at SI pridefest - i used to work at the pride center), but lucky star radio it'self is out of California
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:39pm : Santa Clarita, California
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:40pm : I am in central PA
Matt_CB 11/03 07:40pm : I'm from Cali, and still have family in Santa Clarita area
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:41pm : They might know Diggy Kat or one of the others
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:41pm : My mind went blank on the other two
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:42pm : miss mouse? and a bruce maybe? their pictures are on the homepage on this site
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:42pm : Miss Mouse, and B.K. Diaz
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:42pm : ah burt, not bruce heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:43pm : love that songgg
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:43pm : It was good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:45pm : Is good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:48pm : Cool ending
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:48pm : Ooh chill bassline
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:48pm : Love Like Hate – Not My Heart ( Edith Crash – Perdu La Foi ( Greenness– Mother ( The Shook Ones – Run Faster (
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:49pm : This is great
Matt_CB 11/03 07:49pm : Gotta jam, but glad I had this chance to thank you both. I try to listen to Grrrl Power Hour every month, thanks for playing us so often
Matt_CB 11/03 07:50pm : Thanks Dill for listening and playing us
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:50pm : No problem
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:50pm : Keep up the awesome music
Matt_CB 11/03 07:51pm : We're working on new songs now
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:51pm : awesome! glad to hear it, i'm running out of songs to play from you haha
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:51pm : thank for hanging out@
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:51pm : :D
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:52pm : i like this band a lot too
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:52pm : They are good
Matt_CB 11/03 07:52pm : We played a show with them recently, love them
Matt_CB 11/03 07:52pm : Bye guys thanks again!
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:52pm : nice! dang wish i hadn't missed that hah
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:53pm : Bye Matt
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:53pm : i never get to shows, being on SI, driving to QUeens every day, and being super homebody sucks sometimes heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:53pm : i'm always tired or too introverted feeling
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:54pm : yo some crazzzzy bass coming up in this song
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:55pm : damn
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:56pm : And Elysa, I know the feeling of missing out on shows
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:56pm : too well
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:56pm : yeah
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:56pm : i like to think by doing the show and supporting the bands that way makes up for some of it
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:56pm : oooh i think you'll liek this song dill ;)
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:57pm : Bad Mary is gold
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:57pm : I love them people
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:57pm : yesss
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:58pm : oh speaking of (in a way)...the band thing didn't work out that i had been telling you about. i'll tell you more about it another time
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:58pm : Aw
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:59pm : Hit me up on FB whenever
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:59pm : thankss
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:59pm : I am usually around
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:00pm : yeah, about to go to bed in a minute, now that i wake up at 4 am during the week usually i'm beat by now on a friday hah, i'll definitely message you next week
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:01pm : always great to talk to you dill, love being your show neighbor!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:01pm : Killer show my friend, I loved every minute of it, but loved your company more.
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:01pm : lol whatttt is this song?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:01pm : Monty Python?
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:01pm : ah lol maybe
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:02pm : talk to you soon buddy! have a good night
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:02pm : It sounds like it
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:03pm : Good night, much love
Cgo 01/03 10:02pm : Hi
KILL MY COQUETTE 01/05 07:17am : Want to hear "Kill My Coquette" on this station----look it up----NATALIE DENISE SPERL (FRONTWOMAN) IS A KNOCKOUT!-----MUSIC IS AWESOME, AND ALL ORIGINAL.
DiggyKat 01/05 05:59pm : rawr!!!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:01pm : Good evening Diggy
DiggyKat 01/05 06:02pm : good evening sir *tips hat formally*
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:02pm : How are you?
DiggyKat 01/05 06:02pm : great! swamped but great hahaha how's you?!?!?
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:03pm : Not too bad, and I know that feeling too well
DiggyKat 01/05 06:04pm : right? happy new year buddy!
DiggyKat 01/05 06:04pm : *thrashes*
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:05pm : Same to you, happy 2018!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:07pm : Started things with 3 tracks this month
DiggyKat 01/05 06:09pm : got some nerve! hahaha
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:10pm : Lol
DiggyKat 01/05 06:10pm : how was your christmas?
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:12pm : Pretty good except for having to go out in the cold weather
DiggyKat 01/05 06:12pm : oooo that's how it was! VGS!
DiggyKat 01/05 06:12pm : ewwww cold weather!
DiggyKat 01/05 06:12pm : wow 33rd edition crazy
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:12pm : Yep
DiggyKat 01/05 06:14pm : daaang likin' this
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:15pm : I wanted to ask you if I could get a two show in April, not infringing on GPH, but the hour before my usual time
DiggyKat 01/05 06:16pm : sure!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:16pm : I'll pay for the extra hour
DiggyKat 01/05 06:17pm : beautiful! loves it
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:17pm : This song is so cool
DiggyKat 01/05 06:18pm : lovin'!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:19pm : I heard it once and was like "defnitely show material"
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:21pm : Lol this song makes me laugh every time I hear
DiggyKat 01/05 06:23pm : haha
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:28pm : I really dig the drums on this whole album
DiggyKat 01/05 06:34pm : Bad Mary!!!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:36pm : I love them so much!
DiggyKat 01/05 06:43pm : dang over already! time flies while headbanging
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:43pm : Right
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:45pm : helloOo
DiggyKat 01/05 06:45pm : hiiii
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:46pm : I hate to do it, but I have to duck out for a bit, I should be back partway through GPH
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:46pm : hii!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 06:46pm : Hi Elysa
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:46pm : okay! hi Dillion, bye for now, talk to you soon i hope!
DiggyKat 01/05 06:47pm : aw okies Dill, no worries
DiggyKat 01/05 06:48pm : what's up Elysa? happy mew year =^..^=
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:48pm : not too muchhh, happy new year! hehehe
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:48pm : how are you?
DiggyKat 01/05 06:49pm : great, been super productive and a little behind on things lol but great lol how's you?
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:50pm : lol yes i've seen all your posts! looks like you're having a lot of fun while working hard :)
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:51pm : i've been good, a lot going on at work as of a few weeks ago through at least a little overwhelmed, but just grateful for the weekend
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:51pm : p.s. it's freezing here and i hate it lol
DiggyKat 01/05 06:51pm : yay weekend!!! brrrr i can't do the snow, no way!
DiggyKat 01/05 06:52pm : i'll take my 70 degree winter over here anyday!
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:53pm : yeah it's like 10 degrees right now here
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:53pm : supposed to be like 1 tomorrow
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:54pm : HORRIBLE
DiggyKat 01/05 06:55pm : omg ugh how do people even people over there? lol
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:57pm : i don't even know
DiggyKat 01/05 06:57pm : i lived in Wisconsin/Illinois for 13 months, late August i hightailed it back to California LOL
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:57pm : i missed a bus getting home from work today (took public transit bc i didn't know how roads/parking would be w/ the snow we got yesterday) and i had to walk 20 mins bc there wasn't another one for a half hour, i was sooo cold lol, i had feet warmers, but i've been cold basically all day
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:57pm : haha i bet!
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:57pm : we're still figuring out where to go next heh to settle down
DiggyKat 01/05 06:58pm : yeesh glad you didn't die!!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:59pm : thanks hehe
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:59pm : funny i almost thought this was sister munch heh
elysa_GPH 01/05 06:59pm : for a sec
DiggyKat 01/05 06:59pm : IT WAS!
DiggyKat 01/05 06:59pm : 30 seconds worth hahaha
DiggyKat 01/05 07:01pm : Lady Bizness!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:02pm : yessss
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:02pm : oh it said fruit punch on my computer weird lol
DiggyKat 01/05 07:02pm : oddly enough, Vufcup's gonna be sending you a song for consideration!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:02pm : i wanted to play new sister munch on the show today so much but i had an issue with the album d/l
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:02pm : and had to wait for band camp to fix it, which wasn't in time
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:03pm : next monthh (and other months after until i play all the songs hehe)
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:03pm : there's a band later in the show that's in the same vein that i've played a few times now but i think you'll like the song a lot
DiggyKat 01/05 07:03pm : it's a good 'un!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:03pm : i'll point it out when it comes up
DiggyKat 01/05 07:03pm : please do
DiggyKat 01/05 07:04pm : ya Fruit Punch played for a minute, then Sister Munch for 30 seconds lol
DiggyKat 01/05 07:04pm : your computer's data blinked and missed the song lol
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:04pm : oh hahahaha
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:04pm : that's def. what happened
DiggyKat 01/05 07:05pm : how was the holidays?
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:05pm : pretty good. low key, did the usual with jenn's family. and then new years just the two of us out to dinner and then quiet night at home with the kitties. how about you?
DiggyKat 01/05 07:06pm : love it! ya same, didn't go out, quiet at home with cats
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:07pm : yeah, jenn's family was christmas btw
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:07pm : how are all the kitties?
DiggyKat 01/05 07:08pm : nice. they are doing great! Nash is still fat, Crosby is still dainty, Stills thinks he's the most important, Bling Bling still yells at people getting in his bubble and Sadie is usually MIA lol
DiggyKat 01/05 07:09pm : how's your kitties?
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:09pm : hehe awe, love themm alll hehe
DiggyKat 01/05 07:09pm : mmhmmm 2 Pisces, a Leo, a Virgo and a Gemini lol
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:11pm : they're good. We got them a new cat tree for christmas and it's huge so they're very happy. gizmo is getting super fluffy for the winter, still barely tolerating ernie as usual. and ernie is good, just such a litlte boy hehe (although he has been having some accidents outside of his box)
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:11pm : hey, let me know if my talking parts sound any better/worse/different/same audio wise, i recorded a little different but still not on anything very good lol
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:13pm : I'm back
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:14pm : yayyy!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:14pm : now we can feel complete here heh
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:14pm : Yep
DiggyKat 01/05 07:14pm : ernie wtf yo. ok i'll pay extra attention and yay welcome back Dill and i concur about feeling complete now XD
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:14pm : how have you been? how were your holidays?
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:15pm : haha, yeahhh! it's like all of a sudden out of no where, and then he won't for like a week and then he does it like 3 times and then not again, i'm going to take him to the vet if it doesn't stop but yeahh not fun, thankfully it's always on the tile lol
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:15pm : Loving the set!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:15pm : HIIIII! thanks Ondine!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:15pm : xxxooo!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:16pm : we're totally just talking about music and cats, welcome to the chat!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:16pm : welcome Ondine!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:16pm : I have been pretty good.And my holidays were good.
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:16pm : Hey, Diggy! :-)
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:16pm : Hi Ondine
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:16pm : ahhh i've been digging this artist soo much. oh let me post the play list so far
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:16pm : Lady Bizness - Posh ( Ghost Guilt - Billy Liar ( Ladyshark - Lunch Break ( PliKa - No Body Likes My Music ( The Franklys - Keeper ( Ms. Mohammed - Alibi (
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:17pm : Hi,KillerbeatDill! :-)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:17pm : loves!!!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:18pm : Thanks SO much for the track listing, elysa-now I can track this stuff on my own, such good shizz!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:18pm : agreed
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:19pm : oh yes yes, when ic an i'm in the chatroom listing it and live tweeting, and i definitely always post the setlist on the GPH facebook after each one airs
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:19pm :
DiggyKat 01/05 07:20pm : soooo many great indie artists on GPH
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:20pm : that's what it's all about :)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:20pm : same with so many great artists on Dill's show as well!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:20pm : didn't recognize my heart emoji, lol
DiggyKat 01/05 07:21pm : < 3
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:21pm : yeah, the chatroom is a jerk like that sometimes
DiggyKat 01/05 07:21pm : hahaha
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:21pm : we love it though
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:23pm : since i missed last month, i didn't even put a classic grrrl song on this show this month bc i didn't want to miss any new stuff. any suggestions for next month?
DiggyKat 01/05 07:23pm : helps our social needs
DiggyKat 01/05 07:23pm : Feminist Housewives by Bitch And Animal!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:24pm : = O
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:24pm : O.O
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:24pm : not sure what's expressing my excitement lol
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:24pm : but YES
DiggyKat 01/05 07:24pm : LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:24pm : Lol
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:24pm : i have to see if i have that on my harddrive, i know i have others by them.
DiggyKat 01/05 07:25pm : narration sounds great, maybe it is a bit better
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:26pm : I think it sounds better too
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:26pm : thanks, i recorded through my phone instead of right into the computer (still no money for a new mic and i don't think my computer would handle it anyway haha)
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:26pm : It sounds great to me :-)
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:26pm : i had recorded something else through my phone and realized it sounded pretty good so i figured i'd try and see how it was
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:27pm : And HELL YES, The Shook Ones!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:27pm : yessss, i remembered you said you liked them so i thought it was a good fit to put them next to you ;)
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:28pm : yay!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:29pm : DeQn Sue - Pinata ( Murmur Tooth - A Belly Full ( The Shook Ones - Gangster ( PM Edition - Why Are We Afraid (
kill my coquette 01/05 07:30pm : sounds bitchin
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:30pm : Sure does!
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:30pm : I really dig this one!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:30pm : Thank you!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:30pm : hi hi !
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:30pm : diggy, actually, ondine's music reminds me of some of your more chilled stuff
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:30pm : Hellooo :-)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:31pm : oh whoa awesome , link me yo :D
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:32pm : got another one of our mutual buddies up after this Ondine :)
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:32pm : Rorie!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:32pm : yayaya
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:32pm : i am 100% obsessed with this song
DiggyKat 01/05 07:32pm : Rorie
DiggyKat 01/05 07:32pm : < 3
DiggyKat 01/05 07:32pm : loooove her
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:33pm : yah this is her new song diggy
DiggyKat 01/05 07:33pm : nice, i ended up buying her whole discography after i heard her on here
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:34pm : I love this one!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:34pm : Hey @KillerbeatDill, thanks for the fb page like :-)
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:34pm : You are welcome
kill my coquette 01/05 07:35pm : yes!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:35pm : rest of the show will def. be kicked up a notch
DiggyKat 01/05 07:38pm : right after your show, Lucky Star Radio is premiering 2 new songs by Samantha Smith, she's 16, just getting started, we were lucky enough to be the station to premier
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:38pm : :-D
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:38pm : diggy, this band right now is who i was telling you about
DiggyKat 01/05 07:38pm : listening!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:38pm : oh awesome!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:38pm : oh wait, it's not, but i think you will love them too
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:38pm : i jumped the "gun"
DiggyKat 01/05 07:38pm : still listening :D
DiggyKat 01/05 07:38pm : Vufcup needs a song like this hahahaha
DiggyKat 01/05 07:38pm : oh this one, huh?
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:39pm : yes
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:39pm : Damn, wheres
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:39pm : obvi
DiggyKat 01/05 07:39pm : LOL
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:39pm : ;)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:39pm : so obvi! yaaaasssssssssss
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:39pm : where's the mosh pit?
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:39pm : ;-)
kill my coquette 01/05 07:39pm : virtual pit
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:39pm : last few songs: rorie kelly - Alternative Facts ( Chickspit - Politicans Don’t Care ( Radium Grrrls - Slay ( DAMN BROADS - Monsters (
DiggyKat 01/05 07:39pm : love the lyrics
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:40pm : Ha!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:40pm : yesss!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:40pm : all these folks have FBs too ( will have all the list/links up right after the show
DiggyKat 01/05 07:40pm : < 3
DiggyKat 01/05 07:41pm : ugh this song is great
DiggyKat 01/05 07:41pm : *fans self*
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:41pm : hey guys! I'm Samantha Smith & I'm really happy to be here! they're going to play my songs here in a few mins :-)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:41pm : Samantha!!! welcome!!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:41pm : yah....that's why i told you at the beginning! i thought about you every time i heard it lol
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:41pm : hello Samantha!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:41pm : Thank you!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:41pm : heyo!!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:42pm : hahaha that's great Elysa! hey everyone, this is Samantha who i told you about who LSR is premiering after this show :)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:42pm : Samantha, you're presently listening to Grrrl Power Hour hosted by Elysa =)
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:42pm : awesome! welcome!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:42pm : yups, and Ondine and kill my coquette have music on GPH tonight
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:43pm : thank you so much
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:43pm : they're hanging in the chatroom too
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:43pm : Hi, Samantha :-)
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:43pm : hello!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:43pm : how is everyone doing?
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:44pm : elysa, I really like this track
KillerbeatDill 01/05 07:44pm : Well, I have to get going, great show Elysa, later everyone
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:44pm : Later, Dill :-)
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:44pm : thanks Dill! talk to you soon
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:44pm : I enjoy this song
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:44pm : doing good Samantha, how are you?
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:44pm : here's the song that's playing now: ARXX - Tired of You (
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:44pm : I'm pretty good, excited!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:45pm : yeah, definitely excited to hear your music
kill my coquette 01/05 07:45pm : this hour is where it's at. thanx guys
DiggyKat 01/05 07:45pm : aww have a good one Dill, great show earlier man!!! thanx for hanging
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:45pm : Cool!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:45pm : aw yay, I'm glad!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:45pm : of course! thank you for being part of the show (and i'll def. be playing the other songs you sent me in the future too)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:46pm : i heard a sneak peak, really enjoyed what i heard. Samantha, sounds like you've been working hard on the craft, good for you!!
kill my coquette 01/05 07:46pm : fuck yeah!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:46pm : It's been lots of fun listening and chatting!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:46pm : hey Kill My Coquette!!
kill my coquette 01/05 07:46pm : howdy
DiggyKat 01/05 07:46pm : always is!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:46pm : oh thank you so much!
kill my coquette 01/05 07:46pm : wish i was called Kat
kill my coquette 01/05 07:46pm : hahaha
kill my coquette 01/05 07:46pm : kats rule.
DiggyKat 01/05 07:46pm : kats do! =^..^=
DiggyKat 01/05 07:47pm : i have 5 lol
kill my coquette 01/05 07:47pm : no!
kill my coquette 01/05 07:47pm : omg
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:47pm : it always comes back to cats haha
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:47pm : we were talking cats before you came in
kill my coquette 01/05 07:47pm : one pussy is all i can handle ;)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:47pm : LOL Elysa, it really does!!!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:47pm : hahaha i can handle a time.
kill my coquette 01/05 07:47pm : "cat rock"
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:47pm : hold on guys, I'm going to get my computer because I seriously cannot type on my mom's computer lol
kill my coquette 01/05 07:47pm : this is a great tune
DiggyKat 01/05 07:48pm : :: adult talk warning :: hahaha
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:48pm : haha
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:48pm : current song: Jackknife Stiletto - She Said Whoa (
kill my coquette 01/05 07:48pm : yeah rodney plays them too
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:49pm : Awesome!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:49pm : loves
kill my coquette 01/05 07:49pm : cool band name
kill my coquette 01/05 07:49pm : yay!
kill my coquette 01/05 07:49pm : haha
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:50pm : currently playing: Kill My Coquette - Post Teenage Angst (
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:50pm : heyo! I'm back
DiggyKat 01/05 07:50pm : i see where my money is going soon and gotta like me some new bands!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:50pm : welcome back Samantha!! and yay Kill My Coquette!!!!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:50pm : haha i do this to you every month diggy
kill my coquette 01/05 07:50pm : cherie currie from the runaways is in this video
kill my coquette 01/05 07:50pm : along with rodney bingenheimer and richie ramone lol
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:50pm : Hey, Kill My Coquette, really cool track!
kill my coquette 01/05 07:50pm : thanks!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:50pm : I dig it
DiggyKat 01/05 07:51pm : what a great show to start off 2018 Elysa, this has been jam packed with greats
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:51pm : Hear, hear!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:52pm : here, here too!! hahaha
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:52pm : ;-)
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:52pm : Here we go!
kill my coquette 01/05 07:53pm : aww what a treat. thnx y'all
DiggyKat 01/05 07:53pm : yay here's Samantha's 2 songs!!!!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:53pm : Cool!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:53pm : Samantha, thank you for allowing Lucky Star Radio to premier your 2 new tracks! major congrats on them =)
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:53pm : any time kill!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:54pm : I'm so excited for you guys to hear the songs!
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:54pm : wow, great voice samantha
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:54pm : thank you so much!!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 07:54pm : Yes, lovely voice :-)
elysa_GPH 01/05 07:54pm : love the groove here
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:54pm : Oh thank you, DiggyKat!
DiggyKat 01/05 07:54pm : i need peanut butter quick cuz i'm over here jammin'!!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:54pm : thank you guys so much :-)
DiggyKat 01/05 07:56pm : are these originals Samantha? trying to remember here
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:56pm : Yes, but I'm not the song writer
DiggyKat 01/05 07:56pm : gotcha
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:57pm : that last one was called Shattered Hearts
DiggyKat 01/05 07:57pm : and this one Pray To Believe XD
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:58pm : yes
DiggyKat 01/05 07:59pm : Samantha, got an important question for you, i think Elysa and Kill will approve...have any cats?
SamanthaSmith 01/05 07:59pm : Unfortunately no haha
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:00pm : I've wanted one for a while now, but my dad won't let me lol
OndinePMEdition 01/05 08:00pm : Very, very cool groove to both of them
DiggyKat 01/05 08:00pm : aw cats are the best
DiggyKat 01/05 08:00pm : i agree Ondine
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:00pm : thank you!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:01pm : dang super cool Samantha, keep up the amazing work!!!
OndinePMEdition 01/05 08:01pm : Dey rock =^..^= I have two :-)
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:01pm : Thank you! I will!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:01pm : and great job Elysa with GPH, one of my fave GPH shows yet!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:01pm : aww what's the name of your 2 cats Ondine?
elysa_GPH 01/05 08:02pm : thanksss
DiggyKat 01/05 08:03pm : GPH After Hour party like usual hahahahahaha
Diane 01/05 08:03pm : Great voice, Samantha!
elysa_GPH 01/05 08:03pm : yes ye s
DiggyKat 01/05 08:03pm : lights got dimmer hahaha
elysa_GPH 01/05 08:03pm : lmao
elysa_GPH 01/05 08:03pm : thanks everyone for listening!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:03pm : i think we all concur Diane! and welcome!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:03pm : Thank you Diane!
elysa_GPH 01/05 08:05pm : alright, i've been up since 4 am, i gotta get to sleeep, thanks everyone again, and sounds great samantha! have a great night everyone
OndinePMEdition 01/05 08:05pm : It's been awesome, elysa :-)
DiggyKat 01/05 08:05pm : *dances*
DiggyKat 01/05 08:05pm : wow 4am, killer! goodnight Elysa, loads of love dear friend
elysa_GPH 01/05 08:06pm : this still Samantha? i like this one too a bunch
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:06pm : Alright, i have to go bc i'm eating dinner, but thank you for having me on! it was nice meeting you all!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:06pm : yum i need dinner!
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:06pm : no it's not still me haha
elysa_GPH 01/05 08:07pm : lol alright, night everyone!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:07pm : this is Danielle Taylor
DiggyKat 01/05 08:07pm : she knows how to dance hahaha
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:07pm : alright, later guys!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:07pm : have a great one Samantha!!! XD
OndinePMEdition 01/05 08:07pm : Good night, all- thanks for the hang :-) Hope to catch you again soon
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:07pm : you too! :-
SamanthaSmith 01/05 08:07pm : ***:-)
DiggyKat 01/05 08:07pm : chat anytime!!
DiggyKat 01/05 08:08pm : we're known to be social haha