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KillerbeatDill 10/06 06:02pm : It is that time once again, Wicked Loon Radio!!!
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:51pm : howdy howdy
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:52pm : Hey Elysa! *hugs*
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:53pm : How are you?
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:53pm : *hugs* hey! how are you?
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:53pm : i'm doing good, tired, but good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:53pm : I am good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:54pm : I seen we are both playing a Castle Black song
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:54pm : and basic bitches
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:55pm : naomi tagged me about it on instagram haha
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:55pm : Which one's are you gonna play?
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:57pm : my body my choice
elysa_GPH 11/03 06:57pm : and rise
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:58pm : Well, my body my choice is getting 2 plays tonight
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:59pm : I played Blind Curtain
KillerbeatDill 11/03 06:59pm : by CB
Matt_CB 11/03 06:59pm : Hello, this is Matt from Castle Black
Matt_CB 11/03 07:00pm : Thanks for playing us!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:00pm : Hi Matt
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:01pm : hey matt!
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:02pm : any time! thanks for always supporting the show and being part of it, and of course making great music :)
Matt_CB 11/03 07:02pm : We LOVE Grrrl Power Hour
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:03pm : I have listened to Trapped Under All You Know about 50 times
Matt_CB 11/03 07:04pm : I think this our first time on Wicked Loon. Thanks a lot
Matt_CB 11/03 07:04pm : Really that's awesome!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:04pm : It was, and you are welcome
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:04pm : Wicked Loon is great too! Dillon and i swap bands :)
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:04pm : Yes we do
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:05pm : oof i need to boost the volume i always forget, alright, everyone turn up your volume! :D
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:05pm : Too late
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:06pm : I'm half deaf I keep it so loud
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:06pm : *thumbs up*
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:06pm : no diggy tonight?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:06pm : Ahh, I love JOJ
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:06pm : and no
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:07pm : He's probably working on writing songs or something
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:07pm : yeah....i've loved them for...a million years? lol but yeah, jessicka's story really hit me
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:07pm : yeah he's always busy with something that guy heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:08pm : and they already retweeted my tweet about the song being on, they're the best
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:10pm : I have actually communicated with them on twitter before
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:10pm : I should reach out for an interview
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:10pm : yeah the best
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:12pm : I am behind on writing interview questions
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:12pm : i'm pissed about any dollar or emotion i ever put towards MM growing up
Matt_CB 11/03 07:12pm : Lady Biz! We see Kate at our rehearsal building sometimes
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:12pm : yessss, another person who is the best! haha
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:13pm : NYC is so big yet so small
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:14pm : sorry i didn't get to meet you when CB played at SI pridefest, matt
Matt_CB 11/03 07:14pm : The music scene is TINY it seems.
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:14pm : I love Naomi's voice on this
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:14pm : Hell, on everything
Matt_CB 11/03 07:15pm : Yeah I had to leave for a while to take care of personal business, but I'm back for good
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:15pm : ah, glad to hear you were able to jump back in :)
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:15pm : yes, naomi, another awesome person, i just know a lot of em hah , super super talented
Matt_CB 11/03 07:15pm : Me too I missed it
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:16pm : Damn, I need to move to NY, I love the scene so much
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:17pm : music scene is small but so many talented bands. through doing the show i've found sooo man bands in NYC and the UK, it's pretty amazing....lots of bands from other places, and i'm sure being in NYC makes it easier for me to find those bands, but so much going on
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:18pm : It's so hard to keep up
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:21pm : Who is this?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:21pm : show so far: Jack Off Jill – Star No Star Lady Bizness – Dolla Billz ( Basic B-tches – My Body My Choice ( ARXX – Masters ( Jigsaw Youth – Hawaii’s Nice This Time of Year (
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:22pm : Ah, Jigsaw Youth
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:22pm : yeah
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:22pm : they write some pretty good songs
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:23pm : I'll be dissecting your playlist later anyways
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:23pm : And I hear that
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:24pm : Mmm
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:24pm : I love this song so much
Matt_CB 11/03 07:24pm : Sounds familiar
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:24pm : hmm...
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:25pm : nope, can't figure out why
Matt_CB 11/03 07:25pm : Can't quite place it though
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:25pm : lol
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:25pm : hey matt, where does your band name come from?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:26pm : Hey, don't steal my interview questions :P
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:26pm : i have a reason for asking, sorry! haha
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:26pm : lol
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:26pm : I'm kidding
Matt_CB 11/03 07:27pm : LOL, Game of Thrones reference. When Leigh was reading the books she thought it would be a good band name
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:27pm : ah that explains everything
Matt_CB 11/03 07:27pm : Before the TV show
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:27pm : CB is being interviewed as soon as I send the questions
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:27pm : lol
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:27pm : so i don't watch game of thrones, and i have not read it, but every time i wear your shirt out people start talking to me about game of thrones, and i'm just like...ummm sure?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:29pm : Where do I get a shirt? Can I buy one online?
Matt_CB 11/03 07:29pm : Yeah we get that a lot. After the TV show came out "Castle Black" is more well known as a refernce
Matt_CB 11/03 07:29pm : We sell them from our bandcamp now
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:29pm : Sweet
Matt_CB 11/03 07:29pm : Where are you based?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:29pm : i'm just like...yeah, it's just this band i like
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:30pm : i hav no idea what you're trying to talk to me about
Matt_CB 11/03 07:30pm : Thanks for wearing the shirt out!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:30pm : Free advertising
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:31pm : This
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:31pm : lol yeahhh
Matt_CB 11/03 07:31pm : Who is this? It's awesome
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:31pm : Fun
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:32pm : It's fun
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:32pm : Hmm...I dig this
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:32pm : that was Art Trip & the Static Sound
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:32pm : this is Duck
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:32pm : This one is more my style
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:33pm : Castle Black – Rise ( Art Trip and the Static Sound – Feminine Hygiene Spray ( Duck – Stereo (
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:33pm : yeah i actually thought of you when i heard this
Matt_CB 11/03 07:33pm : This is good too
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:33pm : Really?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:33pm : yeah
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:34pm : reminded me of other stuff i've heard you play
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:34pm : yea
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:34pm : I play a huge variety
Matt_CB 11/03 07:35pm : Thats a sick riff
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:35pm : I agree
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:36pm : yeah jenn and i were just sitting here talking about the turns of the song heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:36pm : really a good one
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:37pm : I might be firing up my gothic radio show back up
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:38pm : I miss doing it
Matt_CB 11/03 07:38pm : Where do you broadcast from Elysa?
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:39pm : i'm in NYC (staten island - hence why i was helping with the entertainment at SI pridefest - i used to work at the pride center), but lucky star radio it'self is out of California
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:39pm : Santa Clarita, California
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:40pm : I am in central PA
Matt_CB 11/03 07:40pm : I'm from Cali, and still have family in Santa Clarita area
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:41pm : They might know Diggy Kat or one of the others
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:41pm : My mind went blank on the other two
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:42pm : miss mouse? and a bruce maybe? their pictures are on the homepage on this site
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:42pm : Miss Mouse, and B.K. Diaz
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:42pm : ah burt, not bruce heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:43pm : love that songgg
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:43pm : It was good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:45pm : Is good
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:48pm : Cool ending
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:48pm : Ooh chill bassline
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:48pm : Love Like Hate – Not My Heart ( Edith Crash – Perdu La Foi ( Greenness– Mother ( The Shook Ones – Run Faster (
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:49pm : This is great
Matt_CB 11/03 07:49pm : Gotta jam, but glad I had this chance to thank you both. I try to listen to Grrrl Power Hour every month, thanks for playing us so often
Matt_CB 11/03 07:50pm : Thanks Dill for listening and playing us
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:50pm : No problem
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:50pm : Keep up the awesome music
Matt_CB 11/03 07:51pm : We're working on new songs now
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:51pm : awesome! glad to hear it, i'm running out of songs to play from you haha
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:51pm : thank for hanging out@
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:51pm : :D
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:52pm : i like this band a lot too
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:52pm : They are good
Matt_CB 11/03 07:52pm : We played a show with them recently, love them
Matt_CB 11/03 07:52pm : Bye guys thanks again!
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:52pm : nice! dang wish i hadn't missed that hah
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:53pm : Bye Matt
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:53pm : i never get to shows, being on SI, driving to QUeens every day, and being super homebody sucks sometimes heh
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:53pm : i'm always tired or too introverted feeling
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:54pm : yo some crazzzzy bass coming up in this song
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:55pm : damn
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:56pm : And Elysa, I know the feeling of missing out on shows
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:56pm : too well
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:56pm : yeah
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:56pm : i like to think by doing the show and supporting the bands that way makes up for some of it
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:56pm : oooh i think you'll liek this song dill ;)
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:57pm : Bad Mary is gold
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:57pm : I love them people
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:57pm : yesss
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:58pm : oh speaking of (in a way)...the band thing didn't work out that i had been telling you about. i'll tell you more about it another time
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:58pm : Aw
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:59pm : Hit me up on FB whenever
elysa_GPH 11/03 07:59pm : thankss
KillerbeatDill 11/03 07:59pm : I am usually around
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:00pm : yeah, about to go to bed in a minute, now that i wake up at 4 am during the week usually i'm beat by now on a friday hah, i'll definitely message you next week
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:01pm : always great to talk to you dill, love being your show neighbor!
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:01pm : Killer show my friend, I loved every minute of it, but loved your company more.
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:01pm : lol whatttt is this song?
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:01pm : Monty Python?
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:01pm : ah lol maybe
elysa_GPH 11/03 08:02pm : talk to you soon buddy! have a good night
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:02pm : It sounds like it
KillerbeatDill 11/03 08:03pm : Good night, much love